inTab gives your new tab more features! (v0.7.1)

Supports all chrome kernel browsers in theory

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What is inTab?

inTab obtains browser permissions, optimizes some browser functions, expands browser usage boundaries, and embeds applications into your browser, enabling you to do more in the browser, greatly improving efficiency and work efficiency.

Background atlas

We provide rich HD wallpapers for you to choose, you can change the background of the new tab page as you like, and support the selection of local pictures as the background of the new tab page.

Search engine

We provide multiple search engine options and support fast search for news, web pages, pictures, maps, and videos. Meet your diverse search needs.

Popular Websites

We provide all kinds of popular or recommended websites, you can choose your favorite or frequently used website to add to the new tab site list, convenient and quick.

Bookmark management

We provide editing, deleting, and adding of bookmark categories and bookmarks. We also support searching to quickly locate the bookmark you are looking for.

History management

We provide the function of displaying the browsing history within 7 days, and can delete one or all of the historical records within 7 days. We also support searching to quickly locate the record you are looking for.

Eye protection mode

We provide eye protection mode function, which can reduce the brightness of the browse page according to your settings to play a certain role in eye protection. We also support the function of turning on this mode regularly.


We provide simple notebooks to store what you need to record. The data will only be stored locally in the browser and will not be submitted to the server. Supports both txt and md modes.


We provide a simple reminder log to store the events you need to complete and remind. Similarly, data is stored locally and not submitted to the server. This function can turn on the reminder switch. After turning on, the browser will receive a reminder push.

Weather query

We provide city weather query, you only need to select your city to view real-time and future weather reports. Supports all cities in the world in theory.

Cloud disk

We provide a 10M cloud disk for your free use. Due to limited funds, and considering the user base, we hope that you can donate to us to increase the cloud disk capacity of all users. Your donations will scroll in real-time on the donation page, and enjoy the new services we provide first.

Extended management

You can turn off / on / delete your installed browser extensions in the extension management page

Settings backup

You can sync your extended settings in inTab to the server, and you can sync the related settings on other devices. Currently, only backup of setting items is supported.

Special Note

This extension is developed and maintained by individuals, and we guarantee that we will not maliciously collect user information for commercial use or transfer it to any third party.